Costco Plan B (Value, Who Can Purchase & More)

Costco Plan B (Value, Who Can Purchase & More). Get the basic information about this organization and how to purchase Plan B.

Costco has about 500 locations in the United States, all of which offer a diverse range of labor and products at competitive prices.

Would Plan B, on the other hand, be available in Costco’s drugstores? I’ve done my research, and this is what I’ve discovered.

Is Costco going to sell Plan B in 2023?

Beginning in 2023, Costco will offer Plan B to both individuals and non-individuals. Clients have been able to purchase Plan B One-Step Crisis Preventative without solution or ID from Costco’s forte, mail request, and focal fill medicine stores since around 2013. Costco’s Plan B costs $7.99 – $40 on a regular basis.

Anyway, how much does Plan B cost at its outlet, and would it be available to anyone? Here’s everything you need to know about buying Plan B at Costco!

Costco Plan B

How Much Does Plan B Really Cost?

During our investigation, we discovered that the cost of Plan B at Costco stockrooms varied from one shop to the next.

The price ranges from $7.99 to $40 in most cases, and it varies depending on where you live.

Plan B, on the other hand, will usually set you back between $30 and $65. The brand of emergency contraception that Costco carries, One-Step, is routinely valued at roughly $48.

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Is it necessary for me to be a Costco member in order to purchase Plan B?

Plan B may be purchased at most Costco medicine stores without being a Costco member. The majority of Costco’s medicine stores are open to the public when state law requires them.

However, there are benefits to becoming a Costco member, such as the ability to purchase Plan B or other drugs.

If you present your Costco membership card at a participating drug shop, you can receive a discount on professionally prescribed medicines!

However, since you won’t require a solution to buy Plan B in Costco’s drug shop, this notion is unlikely to be relevant.

Is the Costco Drug Store a Good Cash Incentive?

Indeed, the Costco drug store is regarded as a great place to save money! This is true regardless of whether you are a Costco member.

Plan B and professionally prescribed drugs sold at Costco’s drug stores are similarly significantly discounted, as are any remaining items sold in their stores.

According to a Customer Reports study, Costco is likely the finest place in the United States to acquire affordable drugs. They are followed by, an online-only resource.

Nonetheless, please check your local Costco drug shop for precise pricing on Arrangement B and other prescriptions.

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In Conclusion
Costco Plan B is available at most Costco medicine stores, whether you’re a Costco member or not. To buy Plan B at Costco’s store, you don’t need a solution or an ID.

While the cost of One-Step Crisis Preventative — the brand of Plan B that Costco carries – is unclear, we do know that it will be less expensive in Costco than in most other drug stores. Unfortunately, because Arrangement B isn’t a doctor-prescribed prescription, you won’t be able to acquire a Costco part limited pricing.