Federal Fire Service Salary Structure 2024, Ranks And Allowance

Federal Fire Service Salary Structure 2024: This article contains full information about the Federal Fire Service[FFS] Salary Structure, Ranks, and yearly allowances for all Federal Fire Service staff. Did you intend to apply for a job position for the 2024 Recruitment exercise? Then, it is very important to know the full salary scale of the Federal Fire Service.

The Federal Fire Service is among the best-paying agencies in Nigeria. Due to the available slots or the availability, the Federal Fire Service always receives hundreds of thousands of applications from applicants from various states across Nigeria. Therefore, it is advisable to meet the official requirements before applying for any job position if you want to get recruited by the Federal Fire Service.

Does Federal Fire Service Pay Well?

According to the information we obtained from some of the Federal Fire Service Staff, it is observed that the agency pays well as it remains one of the agencies controlled by the federal government of Nigeria. Therefore, an SSCE certificate holder earns about N70,577 per month, while a B.Sc. or HND certificate holder earns about N230,447 monthly.


Federal Fire Service Ranks in 2024

The Federal Fire Service[FFS] ranks are classified according to qualification, or certificate obtained, Those who applied and joined the Federal Fire Service with an SSCE certificate are ranked in the position of Fire Marshall Assistant III while those who applied and joined the Federal Fire Service with National diploma or NCE are ranked in the position of Senior Fire Marshall Assistant. Those who applied with a B.Sc. or HND certificate are ranked in the position of Marshall Inspectors III.

Below are the complete Federal Fire Service[FFS] ranks, from Senior to Junior level.

  • Chief Inspector
  • Deputy Chief
  • Assistant Chief Inspectors
  • Principal marshal
  • Senior Marshal Inspectors
  • Marshal Inspectors I
  • Marshal Inspectors II
  • Marshal Inspectors III
  • Chief Fire Marshal Assistants
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants
  • Senior Fire Marshal Assistants
  • Fire Marshal Assistants I
  • Fire Marshal Assistants II
  • Fire Marshal Assistants III

Federal Fire Service[FFS] Salary

  • Chief Inspectors are paid N1,405,499
  • Deputy Chief Inspectors are paid N1,325,234
  • Assistant Chief Inspectors are paid N1,252,038
  • Principal marshal Inspectors are paid N1,143,539
  • Senior Marshal Inspectors are paid N1,058,416
  • Marshal Inspectors I are paid N777,846
  • Marshal Inspectors II are paid N548,387
  • Marshal Inspectors III are paid N393,442
  • Chief Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N966,761
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N539,048
  • Senior Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N387,428
  • Fire Marshal Assistants I are paid N349,589
  • Fire Marshal Assistants II are paid N319,741
  • Fire Marshal Assistants III are paid N305,576

Note: The average salary scale is between N800,000 to N1,400,000 (We can say they earn within 50 to 150k monthly).

There may be other allowances that are associated with the employment opportunity, and these allowances remain unknown but once the allowances are known, this post will be updated immediately.

Please note that the Federal Fire Service[FFS] salary may change at any time if there is a salary increase, but rest assured that on this page you will get an update regarding the Federal Fire Service[FFS] salary in Nigeria.


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