INEC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates 2023

INEC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates 2023

Has INEC released the names of Adhoc staff who have been shortlisted? Many Nigerians who took part in the INEC recruiting 2023 process had this question on their minds.

There have been rumors that the INEC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates have been disclosed, however, we strongly encourage you to disregard all of them. The names of successful applicants have yet to be released by the Independent National Electoral Commission as of this writing.

INEC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates

You must, however, be aware of how to obtain the list once it is made public. This is why we’ve decided to demonstrate how to do it.

Update on INEC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates

This aspect of the commission’s recruitment process was fully explored in our prior essay on INEC Adhoc recruitment. You should go have a look at it.

Meanwhile, INEC Adhoc Shortlisted Candidates is a list of successful applicants who have been selected to go to the next stage of the recruiting process.

If your name appears on this list, you should prepare for pre-screening exams as well as verification of all the credentials you provided during registration.

How Do You Know If You Are Among The Candidates Who Have Been Selected?

You can find out if you’ve been chosen to take the INEC pre-screening examinations in one of two ways. Email and the INEC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal are two of them.

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* Via email
If you are one of the applicants selected for the next round, you will receive a congratulatory greeting from the organizers. The time and location of the screening are included in the notification.

This method is simple because it does not necessitate a lot of effort or time. All you have to do now is keep an eye on your email address to see whether the commission sends you a message.

If you receive a message from the recruitment coordinators, print it down and keep it with your registration confirmation sheet.

Bring both slips to the screening location to prove your eligibility.

To use this technique, you must supply an accessible and accurate email address during the registration process.

The INEC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal will be operational in 2023.

You can also find out if your name is on the list by going to INEC’s recruitment portal at

This method is a little time-consuming because it requires you to complete the following steps:

  • Input your application number in the required column.
  • The next step requires you to click on the ‘Verify status’ button to access the list.
  • It might be difficult going through the names one after the other. So, you are advised to click on the ‘f3 button’ on your keyboard.

After that, you should write your name in the field provided. Finally, press the ‘enter’ key to have your name appear on the screen automatically. You can also click on your state and look through the names that have been published in that category to check if you are featured or not.


What Happens After INEC Adhoc Candidates Are Selected?

As previously stated, shortlisted candidates should expect to move on to the next stage of the recruiting process, which includes pre-screening exams and credentials verification.

You should bring the original and photocopy of the following credentials with you if you receive a message indicating the location and time of the screening:

  • Passport photographs
  • full-length photographs of 5 x 7 dimension.
  • Pencil
  • Biro or pen
  • International passport or National Identity Card.

In Conclusion

Your chances of being hired will be determined by how well you do during the screening. As a result, it is critical that you prepare thoroughly for the aptitude exam and interview. We wish you well in your quest to join the INEC Adhoc staff.