NAHCO Aviance Salary Structure 2024/2025 For SSCE, B.Sc., HND & OND

NAHCO Aviance Salary Structure 2024: Are you among those who applied via the NAHCO Aviance official portal, we have gathered basic information regarding the monthly staff salaries for NAHCO Aviance. To get the most information about the salary scale, carefully read through this article.

This information covers the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) Aviance Graduate Trainee Program salaries, SSCE, B.Sc., HND, and OND certificate holders. Based on this, all salaries from different departments have been mentioned below.

NAHCO Aviance Salary Structure 2024

The salary structure at Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) Aviance is influenced by various factors, including job position, level of experience, and industry standards.

The NAHCO Aviance company commenced a major salary review a few months back to make sure that its salary structure for all staff is just and fair. Also, the average salaries for NAHCO Aviance employees/staff range from 160,000 NGN to 554,000 NGN, with the average salary being 546,869 Naira. The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) Aviance offers a competitive salary package to attract and retain top talent in the industry.

In addition, NAHCO Aviance offers different job positions, each with its own salary structure. According to the information gathered from some staff members, the salary range for a Passenger Service Officer at NAHCO Aviance is between 437,000 NGN and 554,000 NGN for entry-level employees with 0–2 years of experience.

The salary structure for a Graduate Trainee is between 50,000 NGN and 100,000 NGN. Furthermore, the company ensures that its salary structure is in line with industry standards, with salaries for each job position being competitive and fair.

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In addition to a competitive NAHCO Aviance salary structure, Nigerian Aviation Handling Company offers various benefits and perks to its staff members. The company offers a 13-month salary, health insurance, and an annual housing allowance.

These benefits and allowances are designed to attract and retain top and experienced staff in the industry and ensure that employees are well taken care of. However, some staff members have expressed concerns about the salary being too low. Nonetheless, Nigerian Aviation Handling Company remains committed to providing a competitive salary structure, allowance, and attractive benefits package to its staff members.

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