NDLEA Salary Structure in Nigeria 2023 Updated

NDLEA Salary Structure 2023: The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is proud to announce that they have the most lucrative monthly salaries in Nigeria. The only government institution with such responsibility, this agency’s job includes responsible for intelligence gathering in Nigeria. Before we dive into their incredibly high earning potentials, though (and there are many options), it might be worth looking at what other jobs offer more money or the same amount but fewer perks.

Now that we have been acquainted with the functions of an NDLEA, let’s proceed to today’s topic: How much does the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency earn?

How Much Does The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Pay Their Staff in Nigeria Monthly?

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The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has a set of rules to determine how much staff members will get paid based on their grade level, years in service, and position held.

NDLEA salary structure just like other ranks in the Nigerian military and para-military, which includes: Police, Navy, Army, Airforce, Customs, and FRSC have an organized chain of command

No one knows exactly what the NDLEA pays its employees, but it has been reported that they conduct their recruitment exercise on a yearly basis. So many people have submitted search queries about the Scale and Structure of salaries offered by this government agency with regard to new employees; we will let you decide for yourself if those numbers make sense.

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NDLEA Salary Structure in Nigeria

The NDLEA salary structure is solely based on the level of your ranking and is paid an amount that corresponds with the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS).

NDLEA graduates earn an annual salary of about ₦888,956 before deductions, which is about ₦74,000 per month. That’s enough to cover the monthly expenses.

Those who make it to the Grade Level 8 Step 2 are earning about ₦900,071 per annum (before deductions). That’s about ₦75,000 monthly.

NDLEA holders are placed on Grade Level 7 Step 1 and earn about ₦483,353 per month (before deductions).

The News reports that in the same ranks, Nigerians get at least 50% less than their Nigerian counterparts. As a result, if a police sergeant earns around ₦50,000 per month and NDLEA sergeant earns 75,000 Naira monthly for doing a similar job with NDLEA pays them well but not really fair because there’s no such thing like equal pay across borders

NDLEA officers are in charge of promoting Drug Law Enforcement. They do this by providing services that help the country’s security become more developed and prosperous, especially through government policies aimed at incentivizing investment decisions for private sector entrepreneurs who want to invest their money wisely while avoiding high tax rates on top earners.