Nigeria Police Salary Structure and Ranks 2024 (New NPF Salary Scale)

Nigeria Police Salary Structure and Ranks 2024: The Nigeria Police Force is divided into several ranks and levels depending on your academic level, with salaries and allowances that depend on the rank and Salary that you possess. Before we talk about NPF Salary and Allowances, let’s first look at the Nigeria Police Force Ranks

Nigerian Police (NPF) Ranks

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) ranks are divided into three categories. These categories include the senior Officers, Junior officers, and Non-commissioned officers. Each category has different levels, with different benefits attached.

According to the information we gathered, the senior officers’ ranks remain the highest in the Nigeria Police Force, and they include

  • The Inspector-General of Police (IGP),
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG),
  • Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), and
  • Commissioner of Police (CP).

Among other ranks in the Nigeria Police Force, are the junior officers ranks which include:

  • The Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP),
  • Superintendent of Police (SP),
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), and
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).

The Non commissioned officers are the lowest rank in the Nigeria Police Force, and they include:

  • The Police Constable (PC),
  • Corporal, and
  • Sergeant.

Police officers who join the Nigerian Police with an SSCE certificate are granted the rank of Constable, while those who enter with an NCE or National Diploma are given the rank of Corporal. Those who entered the Nigerian Police Force as BSC or HND graduates began with the rank of ASP.

Nigeria Police Salary Structure 2024

Nigerian police officers’ salaries are arranged according to rank and educational credentials, with constables being the lowest paid and senior officers receiving the highest.

Nigerian Police Force members with SSCE certificates earn approximately ₦43,338 per month, while NCE and National Diploma holders earn approximately ₦50,318 per month. The starting pay for HND and BSC holders in the Nigerian Police Force is around ₦156,318.32.

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According to the Nigerian Police Force, the Inspector-General of Police is Nigeria’s highest-paid police officer, earning more than N1 million each month.

The monthly compensation for the Deputy Inspector General of Police is more than N750,000, while the Assistant Inspector General of Police earns more than N500,000.

Junior officers and constables get lower wages than senior officials, with a Police Constable earning around N43,293 per month. A Corporal makes roughly N50,000 per month, whereas a Sergeant makes around N55,000 per month.

A Chief Superintendent of Police receives approximately N270,000 per month, whilst a Superintendent of Police makes approximately N220,000. The Nigerian Police Force’s complete rank and salary structure is provided here.

Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Salary & Ranks 2024

NPF Rank Salary (monthly)
Inspector General of Police ₦1,234,450.00
Deputy Inspector General of Police ₦846,572.80
Assistant Inspector General of Police ₦699,751.90
Commissioner of Police ₦502,970.50
Deputy Commissioner of Police ₦378,852.80
Assistant Commissioner of Police ₦212,938.20
Chief Superintendent of Police ₦199,723.96
Superintendent of Police ₦172,089.06
Deputy Superintendent of Police ₦170,399.70
Assistant Superintendent of Police ₦156,318.39
Inspector of Police ₦87,135.10
Sergeant Major ₦62,204.88
Sergeant ₦55,973.90
Corporal ₦53,113.60
Constable ₦48,113.60

Additional Allowances for the Nigeria Police Force (NPF)

In addition to the Nigerian Police Salary, the Nigeria Police Force pays allowances to its officers. These allowances are intended to assist the officers’ well-being and motivate them to fulfill their tasks efficiently. The Nigerian Police provide various allowances, including Risk Allowance, Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, and Uniform Allowance.

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