NJFP Application Form Portal 2023 – Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

NJFP Application Form Portal | The NJFP application is open for the 2023/2024 year! NJFP stands for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme, and it provides a competitive stipend, mentorship opportunities, and more. Learn how to apply here.

The NJFP is looking for new recruits to join its team. NJFP needs people who are able to work without grudges, work in all sorts of weather conditions, and have a keen eye for detail. If this sounds like you, then fill out the form below.

As the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme creates new opportunities for about 20,000 graduates annually, we expect that these individuals will maximize the opportunities given to them and also have 12 months of productive engagement with the programme

NJFP Recruitment Application Process

The NJFP Recruitment Application Process is a series of steps that recruits must follow in order to be considered for employment. These steps are as follows:

  • Submit NJFP application,
  • Meet NJFP eligibility requirements,
  • Undergo NJFP background check,
  • Take NJFP aptitude test,
  • Pass NJFP physical exam and medical exam.

The NJFP Recruitment Application Process is a very important process that NJFP recruits need to go through before they are hired. It’s an extensive process, and successful candidates will have to go through it in order to be considered for the NJFP team.
If you’re interested in becoming an NJFP recruit, read on! In this blog post, we’ll cover what the NJFP recruitment application process looks like from start to finish so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Applicants can learn more about the process by visiting the official website

NJFP Recruitment Application Form

The NJFP Recruitment Application Form is a document that NJFP uses to collect information about potential employees. This form contains questions for basic personal information, contact details, work experience and education history. Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme also asks about any qualifications the applicant has obtained in order to determine if they are eligible to fill the position they are applying for. NJFP will then assess the application against their recruitment criteria when deciding whether an applicant should be shortlisted or rejected from consideration

NJFP Recruitment Requirements

For you to apply for the NJFP form, you need to go through the following outlined eligibility below before finally submitting your application for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme.

  • Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Be a fresh graduate (Bachelor’s Degree) from any discipline and graduate no earlier than 2017.
  • Be at most 30 years old.
  • Not currently engaged in any employment.
  • Have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) OR have an exemption letter from the NYSC.
  • Must have interest and commitment in a chosen career field.
  • Must have an interest and commitment to contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic development.
  • Have excellent time management and a professional attitude.
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills.

To be an eligible host organization, you must

  1. Provision of up-to-date regulatory documentation including 
    • CAC Certificate of Registration

      2. Provision of an official letter of interest detailing a clear understanding of the objectives of the NJFP and commitment to supporting the program by accepting fellow placements.

     3. Provision of specific descriptions of available role requirements.

     4. Willing to provide mentorship support to fellows through dedicated sessions with existing experienced professionals within their organizations.

     5. Agreement to abide by the guidelines of the program and to sign a code of conduct.

     6. Have non-discrimination policies on gender, ethnicity, religion, and disability status, as well as policies against sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse (PSHEA).

     7. Have no criminal records or conviction or any affiliation with the organizations, including terrorists, drug traffickers, illicit trade, child labour.

How to Apply for NJFP

To apply for NJFP Recruitment is very easy, all you need to do is to make sure you meet up with the expected requirements and then proceed to submit your NJFP application form.

In Conclusion

Before going ahead to obtain the NJFP Recruitment Application Form, ensure you go through the requirements, as it is a series of steps that applicants must complete in order to be considered for NJFP. Also, Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme follows the same process when considering whether an applicant meets its qualifications for employment. The recruitment application process begins with the completion and submission of an NJFP Application form, which can be found on NJFP’s website at https://www.njfp.ng/apply