NSCDC Recruitment Portal 2024/2025 Application Form: cdcfib.career

NSCDC Recruitment Portal 2024: All qualified applicants should visit cdcfib.career for more details to successfully apply for the ongoing Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Recruitment Exercise.

The NSCDC also known as the Civil Defense Service was formed in the year 2003. Civil Defense is a paramilitary body within Nigeria that ensures the maintenance of laws and orders within the nation.

From time to time, the NSCDC (Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps) seeks to recruit well-meaning Nigerians who are interested in helping the nation by working for the corps.

Are you interested in being recruited by the NSCDC? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process.

For a start, The Civil Defense Service announced that they’ve not started recruiting for 2024, however, there are indications they’re getting ready for that.

In order not to be left behind, we’re going to provide you with all the necessary details you need for NSCDC recruitment once it begins. The requirements are pretty much the same as last time with some tweaks so pay keen and.

Eligibility and Requirements for NSCDC Recruitment

For you to even stand a chance of your application scaling through, there are certain eligibility requirements you must meet. Failure to meet up with these requirements means you will have to check for alternative plans.

We’re going to discuss some of these requirements so you know exactly what to expect and see if you fall within the place to apply for these recruitment exercises.

1. Nationality: One of the most important requirements for this recruitment exercise is nationality. For you to apply for NSCDC recruitment, you must be born in Nigeria.

Only those born in Nigeria are eligible for the recruitment. To confirm that you are a Nigerian, you are expected to provide a valid identification confirming that you are Nigerian by birth.

2. Educational Requirement: Education is one of the major keys to applying for any agency in Nigeria.

For you to be eligible for application, you must have a degree from any recognized Nigerian tertiary institution. If you can provide such a degree, you’re one step away from successfully applying.

 3. Age:Requirement:

Most Nigerian agencies have an age range that’s expected of potential applicants. For the NSCDC, you are expected to be within the age range of 18 and 30 years old before you can apply.

To verify your age legitimacy, a verification exercise will be activated as your documents will be thoroughly checked during the documentation process

4. Height requirements

Your height could be advantageous or disadvantageous to you as regards eligibility. This is because you are expected to fall within a certain height to be eligible.

For Male Applicants: you need to be At least 1.65m tall

For Female Applicants: they need to be At least 1.60m tall

Additional for Males: you are expected to have a minimum chest measurement of 0.87m. To be on the safer side, you need to check all this out before applying.


5. Fitness Requirement

Working at the NSCDC requires a lot of physical and mental commitments.

Hence, one of the major Requirements is that you Must be medically fit to be considered sadly, Those with physical deformities cannot apply

6. Computer Literacy:

We’re in the computer age where most things have gone online, having computer skills is beneficial and could be advantageous to you as regards your chances of getting recruited

7. Character Requirement

People of questionable characters are not allowed to apply.

You must prove you don’t have any criminal records, you must also possess good character. You are also expected Not to be membership in secret cults or organizations before applying

Application Process for NSCDC Recruitment

The application is quite easy, just make sure you pay keen attention to the steps we’ll mention below.

You can Apply for NSCDC 2024 Recruitment through the official online portal: https://cdcfib.career/.

  1. Firstly, you have to create an account on the portal.
  2. An application form will be provided to you, make sure you complete the application form and upload all the necessary documents.
  3. After uploading all the documents, try to Double-check your documents before submitting your application. You are not permitted to apply more than one time, so if you mistakenly submit an incomplete document, it could be fatal to your application process.


Now that you know the processes involved in applying for the NSCDC recruitment exercise, you should start the process as soon as Civil Defense gives the green light to avoid potential delays.

Remember all the requirements we mentioned in this blog post, also try to check your Documents thoroughly before submitting them officially. We’ll keep you updated once the application date is approved

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