EFCC Recruitment Portal 2024/2025 Application Form: efcc.gov.ng/efcc/careers

EFCC Recruitment Portal 2024: The EFCC which stands for Economics Financial Crime Commission is a government agency that helps to fight high and low-profile economic crimes in Nigeria.

From time to time, the EFCC often seeks to bring new hands on deck as the fight against economic crimes intensifies.

While EFCC is currently not recruiting, there are indications they might start recruiting very soon.

With that in mind, we’re here to give you every required information that will guide you through the application process when they eventually start recruiting.

Just pay attention as we walk you through.

EFCC Recruitment Portal 2024 Application Form: efcc.gov.ng/efcc/careers

There are a lot of steps that are involved when you are seeking EFCC recruitment opportunities.

These steps will help guide you so that you don’t make any mistakes when EFCC eventually starts recruiting. Don’t worry, we’re going to walk you through these steps one after the other.


Visit the EFCC Website

Unlike before when you have to go to the EFCC office to start your recruitment purposes.

That has changed with the advancement of technology, you can now process your EFCC application right from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is have a very good device that has access to internet services

  1. Open your internet browser and visit the official EFCC website: efcc.gov.ng.

Explore the Career Page

  1. Quickly find your way and go to the career page, all you have to do is click on the “careers” section at efcc.gov.ng/efcc/careers

Read and Follow the Instructions

  1. A set of clear instructions Shall be provided for you, make sure that you carefully read and understand the instructions that are provided for you on the career page.

Create Your Account

  1. You will be mandated to create an account with the EFCC, make sure to create an account on the portal, and also try to remember the details you use.

Login and Fill Out the Form

  1. Now that you’ve successfully created the account, the next step is to log in to your account and complete the application form, make sure to fill in all the required fields.

Upload Necessary Documents

  1. Upload the necessary documents that they requested in the instructions, and make sure not to miss any details to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Submit Your Application

  1. At this juncture, you’ve come to the end of the application. After filling out the form and uploading documents, your next line of action is to submit your application.

Requirements for EFCC Recruitment

Just like any other agency in Nigeria that seeks to recruit new members, some particular requirements are needed before you can even stand a chance of being considered for an opportunity.

The EFCC is no different, as a body that protects the interest of national integrity and security, there are some requirements and standards that are required of applicants, we’ll discuss these requirements below.

 Eligibility Criteria

1. Freedom from any criminal conviction is crucial:

For you to even stand a chance of being recruited by EFCC, you must be clean.

You should remember that the EFCC’s major fight is against criminals, those who have criminal records or tendencies are advised to flee from applying and the consequences are severe.

2. Being a Nigerian by birth is a must:

Another critical criterion that qualifies one to apply is nationality. Only Nigerian citizens are allowed to apply for the EFCC and for you to be considered, you must possess a valid means of identification.

3. Meeting physical requirements:

Some physical requirements are needed before you will be considered, you must meet up with the right height and physical deformity restrictions before you can apply.

4. Holding a bachelor’s degree

Having a Bachelor’s Degree or a recognized degree in a related discipline is another criterion before you can apply.

Latest Update on EFCC Recruitment

Application Status

  • As we said earlier, the application form is currently unavailable.
  • Keep an eye on this page for updates on when the form will be released.

Screening and Training Information

  • Updates on screening and training will be provided on this page, so do well to visit here from time to time
  • A Computer-Based Test (CBT) will be conducted for those meeting the screening requirements.
  • Subsequent screenings will follow the CBT for eligible candidates.


Like we said earlier, the EFCC is currently not recruiting, but of course, we know what they need and require from prospective applicants, which we’ve just shared, make sure you always come by as we’ll update you once they start recruiting.

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