Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Recruitment 2024/2025: Apply Now

Nigeria Police Recruitment 2024: Visit the NPF Recruitment online application portal at; Forward your application by providing your NIN, email address, and Phone Number. See full details below.

The Nigerian police which was formed in 1930 has been at the helm of affairs when it comes to maintenance of law and order within the country. If you are interested in joining the Nigerian police force, then this post is for you.

The Recruitment exercise for the Nigerian police force is currently ongoing, the portal for registration which has been opened is expected to go on from Monday, January 8th to Monday, January 29, 2024.

If you have not registered, please be fast about it, as time is no longer on your side.

Below are the eligibility requirements for application. We also release the application processes so that you won’t have much problem with the registration.

Eligibility and Requirements for Nigeria Police Recruitment

There are so many requirements and eligibility for Nigerian police recruitment. You must meet all these requirements to stand a chance of being recreated.

We are going to list all the requirements and explain what you need to do to meet up with them. Please pay keen attention as we walk you through.

1. Nationality:

  • For you to even stand a chance of being considered, you must be a Nigerian citizen, only those who prove they’re Nigerians shall be considered.
  • Make sure you have all the needed ID cards, what that entails is that you should have a valid ID like a driver’s license, international passport, or voter’s card.
  1. Age Requirement:
  • Another key consideration for employment is your Age. Your Age range should be between 18 and 28 years.
  • You will automatically be Ineligible for recruitment if you fall below 18 or above 28.
  1. Height:
  • The Nigerian police also consider your height before accepting your application, for Male applicants: you are expected to have a Minimum height is 1.67m. While for
  • Female applicants: you are also expected to have a Minimum height of 1.64m.
  1. Chest Measurement:
  • This requirement applies to male applicants only.
  • Your Minimum chest measurement is expected to be around 0.86m.
  1. Educational Qualifications:
  • You must have an O’Level result (WASSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB) which must come with at least five credits in relevant subjects, including English and Mathematics.
  • Any O’Level results that come before 2014 will be rejected.
  1. Guarantors Form:
  • As an Applicant, you must complete a form that comes with verifiable references. Failure to do so could pose a significant risk to your application.
  1. Physical Requirements:
  • Considering how physical and mental efforts are required of police officers, There are Applicants with certain conditions that are not allowed to apply, including:
    • Those with obvious Speech impediments.
    • If you have knock knees, bow legs, bent knees, or even flat feet.
    • Those with a deformed hand that’s hindering full-hand functions shall not be accepted.
    • If you also have temporary or permanent Tattoos, bodily scars, or defective eyesight/squint eyes, you are not eligible for application.
    • Any form of Amputation of any body part will automatically pose a serious threat to your application.
    • If you have a Gross malformation of teeth, you’re Ineligible.
    • Applicants with Protruding navels also won’t be accepted.
  1. Pregnancy Restriction:
  • If you are a pregnant woman, you are not allowed to apply.

Application Process

A lot of not-so-difficult processes are required for you to successfully apply for the Nigerian police recruitment exercise.

These processes involve an online application we are going to work you through.

  1. To start your application, you have to Go to the NPF Recruitment online portal:
  2. Once there, you have to Enter your National Identity Number NIN, your Email address, and also your Phone Number. Make sure you fill in the correct details to avoid potential errors.
  3. Your next step is to Click the Verify button, and you’ll be taken to the next page
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions that will appear to complete your application process.


We clearly explain to you how to successfully apply for the Nigerian Police Force Recruitment exercise.

We stated clearly what the application process entails. Furthermore, we also informed you of the eligibility and requirements, we wish you a hitch-free application process. Good luck


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