NDLEA Recruitment Portal Login 2024/2025 – Apply Now www.ndlea.gov.ng

NDLEA Recruitment Portal Login 2024: The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) official recruitment portal is currently available to receive online applications. Also, the NDLEA application form can be accessed by visiting the NDLEA recruitment website at www.ndlea.gov.ng.

Here on this page, we have out the official requirements and the various steps to take to successfully apply for the ongoing National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) recruitment.

The NDLEA is not a new name to most Nigerians. It is a national police agency that was created in 1989 with the major task of tackling the growing problem of illegal drugs and substances, which I and you know was harming Nigeria’s reputation internationally.

One truth we cannot shy away from is the fact that since the introduction of NDLEA, drug trafficking which was initially a serious organized crime is now facing serious fightback from the agency.

Are you interested in joining the fight against Illegal drugs and substances that are threatening the country’s security and development? Don’t worry, within the course of this post, we’ll tell you how well to prepare to stand a better chance of being recruited into the agency.

We’ll start with the requirements that are needed, then we’ll walk you through the process.

Basic Requirements for NDLEA Recruitment

Just like every other recruitment exercise out there, there are a lot of requirements you must meet before you can apply for NDLEA Recruitment. In this paragraph, we’ll critically analyze some of these requirements so you will be better prepared for the recruitment exercise.

1. Education:

Education is always the key when it comes to NDLEA Recruitment.

For applicants who are interested in an NDLEA Job, you are expected to have a Bachelor’s degree and an O’Level certificate before you’ll be eligible for recruitment.

2. Age Limits:

The age range for applications is divided into two categories, the first is for Superintendent Cadre while the second is for medical doctors and Articulated Vehicle drivers.

20–30 years for the first category (Superintendent Cadre). 40 years for Medical Doctors and Articulated Vehicle Drivers.

3. Height Requirements:

 A certain height is required for you to be eligible for recruitment, the height for both sexes differs, so make sure you know your minimum height before applying.

For Male Applicants: Minimum height of 1.65m.

For Female Applicants: Minimum height of 1.60m.

4. Nationality:

This recruitment exercise is only eligible for Nigerian citizens. If you are not Nigerian, sorry, you are highly unlikely to be considered. This is because the opportunity is only for Nigerian citizens with a valid means of identification like a National Identity Card.

5. Drug Test

 Hope you are not a drug addict. Why I am asking because a drug test will be conducted as one of the requirements. As someone who’s enrolling to fight illegal drug dealings, it would not be funny if you tested positive for drugs.


6. Additional Documents:

 These are other additional documents that you must be able to provide, they are essential requirements and you must be able to provide each and everyone of them.

  • Authentic Birth Certificate that’s verifiable
  • NYSC Discharge or exemption certificate
  • Certificate of state of origin.
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness from a Government.
  • Your Local government Identification

How to Register for NDLEA Recruitment

For now, the NDLEA Recruitment process for 2024 is not yet out, there are speculations it will be available around June 2024 just like last year. However, the process is pretty much going to be the same, so we’ll give you a rundown on how you can apply.

  • First, you need to Go to the NDLEA Recruitment portal: ndlea.gov.ng
  • There are a lot of options in the menu, just select the career menu, which will lead to: ndlea.gov.ng
  • Then you Tap “Apply now” to make an account
  • You’ll have access to the Login menu post-account creation
  • Make sure to Sign in with your account details
  • Properly complete the application form
  • Upload required documents
  • Submit your application


We’ve been able to walk you through the process needed for NDLEA Recruitment. We also talked about the eligibility and requirements that are necessary, we informed you that currently, the recruitment exercise has not begun in 2024.

Do well to revisit frequently as we’ll update you once the exercise kicks off

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