ICRC Recruitment 2024/2025 Online Application Portal

ICRC Recruitment 2024: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is the biggest humanitarian network in the world.  From Time to time, there are job opportunities listed on their website. In this article, we’ll look at the eligibility and requirements as well as the application process.

ICRC Recruitment 2024 Requirements

For you to be eligible for the ICRC recruitment, you need to fulfill some general requirements, which we’ll mention below. After these requirements, you also need to meet up with the requirements of the particular position you’re interested in.

To be eligible for a position with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old, only those who are at least 18 and above are considered eligible for applying here, so if you are below 18, you shouldn’t even bother applying.
  2. You must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher for you to be eligible, the ICRC is the biggest humanitarian network around the world, so they always seek the best brains around.
  3. English is a major language consideration for ICRC, so to be eligible, you need to have fluency in both written and spoken English, this will increase your chances of getting recruited
  4. You need to Have experience working in the humanitarian field, this will massively increase your chances of being recruited as experience counts
  5. You should Be willing to travel and work in a lot of environments, this is because working at ICRC will most times encourage its workers to travel around the world for humanitarian services
  6. Also, you need to have a valid passport and the ability to travel, the organization will always require you to be on the road most of the time
  7. Teamwork works well in the ICRC, you should be able to work in a team environment.
  8. You should Have a strong ethical framework, the organization likes working within the boundaries of ethical standards
  9. Interested candidates should have excellent communication skills, these are because positions at ICRC will always require you to have constant communication with people
  10. Sometimes things tend to get a little bit pressured, but you should be able to work under pressure.
  11. As an applicant, you should Be able to work in a multicultural setting and also be flexible and adaptable.
  12. Only those that have strong organizational skills and at the same time detail-oriented and thorough shall be recruited.
  13. Most times, ICRC deals with databases, if you have experience with database management and are at the same time familiar with the ICRC mandate and principles, your chances further increase
  14. Applicants should have a good understanding of humanitarian law as well as a commitment to human rights, you must also have the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

As I said earlier,  These are the general requirements for the ICRC recruitment exercise. When you start the application process,  you will see the personal requirements of the position you’re interested in.


Successful Approach For ICRC Recruitment 2024 Application

For you to complete the process, you need to make sure your application process is complete,  we’ll walk you through the application process so that you don’t encounter any issues.

The application process for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is as follows:

  1. The first step on the website is to Visit the ICRC website on the International Committee of the Red Cross https://careers.icrc.org and create an account.
  2. You should complete the online application form that will be given to you, and make sure you are not making any mistakes.
  3. You should upload your CV and cover letter.
  4. Take the online assessment test.
  5. If you are successful, you will be contacted for an interview.
  6. If you are also successful in the interview, you will be offered a position.
  7. They will ask you to undergo security clearance and complete a medical examination.

Final Thoughts

Once all of these steps are complete, you will be offered a position with the ICRC, we wish you good luck.

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